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Dealing with plumbing issues is not an enjoyable process. The complexities are deceiving, and what seems like an easy fix, really isn’t. So when it comes to renovating your bathroom or kitchen, modifying your existing plumbing services to fit your design can become very complicated quickly. Times Square Remodeling offers skilled plumbing services for bathroom remodeling projects as well as assistance with any necessary building codes. This is essential when choosing a contractor. Give us specific instructions on how you’d like your bathroom to look and operate, and we’ll make it happen.
When it comes to installing and resolving plumbing difficulties, our qualified plumbers can offer you helpful advice regarding your system. We can help you identify which components need to be replaced or which ones aren’t operating properly if you only need a quick fix. We can keep you informed on the newest bathroom innovations. You’ll be in a better position to choose the products to use and install as a result.


When you’re prepared to repair or renovate your residential or commercial property, Times Square Remodeling is the company to turn to for top-notch rewiring, additions, and upgrades. Every kitchen, bathroom, or large-scale remodeling project will more than likely need to be completed by a certified electrician. That is where we come in! We have skilled electrical technicians that will ensure the security, integrity, and safety of your property.
Before starting any work, we’ll work with you to develop the best electrical design and layout, and we’ll provide those plans to you. With so many potential issues when it comes to building and remodeling, shouldn’t your electricians be competent? We think so! Our team is capable of handling any renovation project, and for the most challenging work, we even provide 24-hour service.


The floors of your home are one of the most important components. We take your flooring needs seriously at Times Square Remodeling. We install new pre-finished or unfinished flooring in addition to refurbishing old ones (custom staining). Products include solid and engineered wood floors, custom inlays, and borders made from native and exotic species of wood. Our process beings by applying non-toxic waterborne coatings as well as conventional Swedish finishes. We can suggest and install cutting-edge equipment if your project demands sound attenuation or radiant heat. Our flooring includes wood vents for heating registers and air returns as well as treads, risers, and skirt boards. Before installing wood flooring, we level and waterproof concrete floors.
We install all types of flooring, worktops, backsplashes, and tub surrounds. This is why Times Square Remodeling is your inside source for high-quality components and skilled installation, whether you need hardwood, carpet, tile, countertops, linoleum, or stone.
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